06/12/2012 06:17 pm ET

Texts From Scarlett O'Hara

where r u
Scarlett I'm at work I can't text right now
need u at mill
Scarlett I have the baby with me I really can't come to the mill
what baby
My baby. Wade. My baby with Melanie.
guess what kind of corset im wearing
I don't see what this has to do with the mi-
im not ;)

Darling, I was going through some old things this morning and found Charles' ornamental officer's sash
I thought you’d like to have it
So I gave it to Mammy for cleaning and she'll give it to you later
who is charles
Scarlett, how you joke!
was he that guy
I know it pains you to speak of him - that's why you act so high-spirited about it, and I think it's simply marvelous of you. But you don't have to be brave with me, Scarlett dear.
that guy with like the chin thing
I miss him too.
guess what i turned my mourning gown into
But I know he’s looking after us - always.
i made four backless shimmies out of it

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