06/12/2012 02:30 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

University Of Maryland Students Allegedly Robbed, Assaulted While Swimming In Mall Fountain

Two bad ideas collided when three female University of Maryland students were allegedly robbed while swimming in a campus fountain in their underwear on Saturday, the university reported.

The midnight swim was on Saturday on the McKeldin Mall at the heart of the UMD College Park campus. According to UMD Police spokesman Capt. Marc Limansky, the students left their belongings to the side when they stripped and took a dip in the Omega Delta Kappa fountain. While they were swimming, a group described as eight males and two females approached and allegedly nabbed their property, including their clothes.

The women admitted that they had been drinking, Limansky told the Diamondback Online, and one of the swimmers reported that someone in the group grabbed her butt.

"One of them didn’t even realize anyone was approaching her until he was touching her,” Limansky said.

As the group of ten fled, they left a trail of the girls’ property, police said.

The UMD Department of Public Safety is conducting an investigation of this incident, though most of the students’ property has been recovered, the AP reported.

“It’s almost borderline feels like a prank but certainly was a crime,” Limansky said. “You’d think this was committed by someone who knows you. … Definitely a crime of opportunity and certainly could have been prevented if the people in the fountain could have been using better judgment.”



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