06/13/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Al Sharpton, Newt Gingrich Battle About Food Stamps, Obama (VIDEO)

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Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich had a fiery conversation on Sharpton's MSNBC show Wednesday.

The two talked for almost 30 minutes, touching on everything from Gingrich's failed presidential campaign to his thoughts on President Obama. In one section, Sharpton pointedly quizzed Gingrich about some racially tinged statements he made during his presidential run.

"You said some questionable things about poor people in this country," he said, citing Gingrich's comments about telling black people to look for paychecks instead of food stamps.

"Now, Mr. Gingrich, you know you should have known better and I think you do know better," Sharpton said.

Gingrich said he was surprised that Sharpton would criticize him for highlighting black unemployment and wanting to talk to the NAACP.

"What I disagree with is when we have facts that are not correct," Sharpton said, pointing out that most on food stamps are white.

"If I'm talking about food stamps, it's not an inherently racial comment," Gingrich said.

"You didn't say you would go to the NAACP and say you would help them get whites off of food stamps," Sharpton shot back. "This became an ongoing theme throughout your campaign ... you and I know the subtleties and the subliminal messages there."



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