06/13/2012 05:32 pm ET

Chuck Norris Super Cut Is A Trailer For The Greatest Movie Never Made (VIDEO)

Chuck Norris is a meme unto himself, and should probably have his own big news page on HuffPost.

He doesn't (yet), so what's the second best thing? How about a trailer for an imaginary Chuck Norris movie that is made from trailers for real Chuck Norris movies?

The plot of the tribute, which was posted to YouTube by MrNorrisVideos, is kind of hard to describe, but one commenter made a valiant effort and in true Chuck Norris fashion, killed it with a flying roundhouse kick:

"The story is Chuck Norris, the toughest cop in the world, is in a giant drug war against an army of magic terrorists from hell who want to destroy America, so that he can get treasure and protect the girl? I'M THROWING MONEY AT THE SCREEN AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING," user jburtson wrote.

More Chuck Norris Facts

Fact: About one minute into the video, Chuck Norris morphs into a bear.

Fact: In addition to being an object of fascination, the martial arts star is also a philanthropist, a Christian, and endorsed Newt Gingrich for president.

Fact: Chuck Norris jumped into the 2012 Wisconsin recall election, where Governor Scott Walker won a decisive victory.



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