06/13/2012 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Google 'Chuck Norris' For Ridiculous Facts In Knowledge Graph's Latest Joke (PHOTOS)

Google "Chuck Norris" and what do you get? A billion tired memes and links back to ridiculous action movies and of course, "Walker: Texas Ranger", which is both a meme and action show by itself. Now Google's newest Easter egg from Google Knowledge Graph features everyone's favorite ranger -- Chuck Norris and some of the best Norris facts in the right hand information box derived from Google's 500 million database of people, places and things.

(Hat tip to The Next Web for finding this Google Easter egg).

google chuck norris

"Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits," one fact states. Refresh the page, and another boasts about Norris' math skills.

As Search Engine Land points out, this Google Easter egg isn't associated with the "I'm Feeling Lucky" result to the search phrase "where is Chuck Norris."

Unveiled last month, Google's Knowledge Graph was one of the company's biggest launches in years. Google compiled the information database over a two-year period from sources ranging from Wikipedia to the CIA World Factbook.

"To put this into perspective, one of the biggest launches in the past was Universal Search," said Ben Gomes, a Google Fellow and vice president of the company's search group. "The Knowledge Graph features affect a larger fraction of queries than Universal Search. Users will see these features more often than they see Google Maps in Google Search.”

Aside from Chuck Norris, Knowledge Graph also features a joke about Lionel Richie. When users search Lionel Richie's name, they are prompted with one of his song lyrics, "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

Buzz Feed also grabbed a screenshot of a joke on Harrison Barnes' Knowledge Graph profile about fellow college basketball player Anthony Davis. However, the uni-brow joke was removed after Barnes' Wikipedia page had been updated.

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