06/13/2012 01:54 pm ET

Jeffrey Stern Murder-For-Hire: Lawyer Says Stern Is Target Of New Plot

The lawyer for a man accused of conspiring with his mistress to have his wife killed claims his client is now being plotted against.

KHOU reports that attorney Paul Nugent told the press this week that his client, Jeffrey Stern, is the subject of a murder plot hatched by his former mistress, Michelle Gaiser. The mistress previously pled guilty to charges of solicitation of capital murder in exchange for her testimony against her former lover and a reduced sentence.

Stern's wife, Yvonne, was the victim of three failed murder attempts in 2010. She was shot in the stomach during the third attempt.

Now Jeffrey Stern's lawyer claims his client's ex-lover is planning his death from her jail cell, saying she wrote a jailhouse letter about ordering a hit on Stern.

"Obviously, a close-range shot didn't get rid of the wife, so you have to finish elsewhere to finish it. ... A knife in the neck, get the carotid artery, and it's over," Gaiser reportedly wrote in the letter, according to KHOU.

The Houston Chronicle's blog notes that Gaiser has not been charged with any crimes related to the letter.

The Sterns say their lawyer went to the media because they have not been offered any police protection after the alleged threats.

ABC News reports that Yvonne Stern insists her husband could not have been a part of the initial murder plot. Her husband will stand trial on July 27.

"It's just, there's just no way," Yvonne Stern told 20/20 in April. "I've known this man for 30 years. I know who I'm lying next to," she told ABC News' Chris Cuomo in an April interview on "20/20."



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