06/13/2012 01:04 pm ET

Jerry Sandusky Trial: Alleged Victim Says Former Penn State Football Coach Forced Oral Sex

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- An alleged victim of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky testified Wednesday that Sandusky had sexually assaulted him and then threatened him to prevent him from telling anyone.

"He told me if I ever told anyone, I'd never see my family again," the 25-year-old man, who has been identified only as "Victim #10" by prosecutors, told the jury.

The witness said he first met Sandusky at a summer camp run by the former assistant coach's Second Mile charity. The man said he was a camp roommate of another Sandusky accuser. He said in 1998, when he was 11, Sandusky would buy him presents and invite him to his State College, Pa., home.

The alleged victim described in detail two incidents he said occurred while he was visiting Sandusky. During one, he said he and Sandusky were wrestling when Sandusky pinned him, pulled his shorts down and began to have oral sex with him. The other allegedly occurred when the two were together in a pool and Sandusky put his hands down his shorts and touched his privates, the witness testified.

"I was scared. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed," he said.

The witness testified there was a total of five incidents.

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Key Figures In Penn State Scandal

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During cross examination, it emerged that the witness, who was in foster care at the time of the alleged assaults, is a convicted felon. He was arrested for burglary when he was 17 and he later served 23 months in prison for robbery.

Earlier on Wednesday, John McQueary -- father of Mike McQueary, a former assistant coach at Penn State -- took the witness stand. Mike McQueary previously testified that he had seen Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a boy in 2001. According to grand jury documents, he told his father about the incident.

John McQueary corroborated his son's testimony and detailed the phone call he had received from his son. He said his son was distraught. He said his son said something to the effect of, "I saw coach Sandusky in shower with a boy." McQueary said his son was uncomfortable discussing what he had allegedly saw but had left him with the impression, "You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand what happened in that shower."

McQueary also testified that a couple months after the discussion with his son he had a meeting with University Vice President Gary Shultz about the alleged shower incident. He testified that Schultz told him that he had "heard noise about this before."