06/13/2012 06:31 pm ET

NYC Brunch Law: City Councilmembers Bravely Defend Beloved Pastime From Regulation

Brunch is a New York City institution-- a ritual to heal hangovers, catch up on gossip, and eat oh-so-delicious eggs and bacon while sipping on Bloody Marys. It's a ritual, of course, best observed outside in the summer sun.

And yet, New York restaurants are currently forbidden from serving food outdoors before noon on Sundays, depleting the city of hours of valuable brunching.

But don't worry, New York. A brave new measure from city council would eliminate this puritanical regulation.

“New Yorkers will not be denied their Sunday brunch in the beautiful weather,” said Council Member Dan Garodnick, Chair of the City Council's Committee on Consumer Affairs, and author of the bill. “This regulation is outdated, widely disregarded, and hostile to business and brunch-loving New Yorkers. It needs to change.”

Coucilmembers Steve Levin and Diana Reyna also support the bill.

Levin-- who represents the brunching mecca of north Brooklyn-- said restaurants "pay for those [sidewalk and cafe] permits and should be allowed to serve their customers on beautiful Brooklyn mornings," adding that with [Garodnick's] help this bill should go, er, "over easy" in the city council.

And Reyna, Chair of the Small Business Committee, said, "In the interest of neighborhood residents and the small business community, this legislation supports a meaningful balance that promotes their coexistence.”

So taken were we by the councilmembers' noble defense of brunch, that we reached out to see where they themselves can be spotted brunching on a Sunday, and what dish they love to order.

Reyna likes the Eggs Benedict with a mimosa at Miller’s Tavern (2 Hope Street, Williamsburg). Levin prefers the special "Alaskan Benedict" at hipster hotspot Enid's (Manhattan and Driggs in Greenpoint). And as for Garodnick, well, he gave us a more diplomatic response.

Insisting he doesn't have one single favorite brunch spot, Garodnick said, "[Brunch] is what's great about New York - you have so many options, you can try out a new brunch spot every time." And his favorite brunch dish? The councilman likes a greek omelette, and toast that comes pre-buttered. "You can't feel guilty if they butter the toast for you," he said. True, councilman (unless you're brunching with Bloomberg, of course).