06/13/2012 04:23 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2012

Robin Thicke: 'I Don't Want To Throw Another Child Into The Mix'

In between recording music, shooting movies, or starring in cognac commercials, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are also the proud parents of their son, Julian Fuego. Though the married couple are fully committed to providing a stable household for their 2-year-old, the “Love After War” crooner recently revealed to People magazine that they have no interest in planning for any other family additions “any time soon,” in addition to how much his new ABC singing competition show, “Duets” is taking away his time from fatherhood.

“It’s hard enough to balance things the way they are,” he revealed. “I don’t want to throw another child into the mix right now. The show is really taking time away from my kid. I try to have him come to the set if I can, and I spend a couple of hours with him. He’s been in my dressing room, playing with Play-Doh. I really love when I’m with him.”

With similar career schedules in mind, the 35-year-old also admitted that honesty is the key to his marriage to Patton as well as having a stable home for Julian.

“You can keep sweeping stuff under the rug, but until you really tell each other how you feel about stuff, you really can’t get past anything,” he said. “Even though the truth hurts sometimes, we try to be painfully honest with each other. We try to help each other.”

As for any plans for the two to collaborate in the recording studio, Thicke is reluctant to the idea of producing a duet with his wife. "She'd be like, 'Hey, baby, can I just sing a little song just so I can hear my voice on tape?'" he admitted last month to the Associated Press. "And I was like, 'No! We're not starting that. We are not going to get into the 'you recording an album.' Go find another producer if you want to do that.'"