06/14/2012 11:03 am ET Updated Jul 03, 2012

Animal Attack Movie Mashup From 16 Classics (VIDEO)

Hollywood has played on our fears of wild animals in countless ways since the birth of the motion picture.

We compiled a mashup of the most brutal animal attacks from "King Kong" to "Jaws" to "Anaconda."

While these films depict unusually aggressive animals, in reality, animal attacks often occur due to human encroachment on their natural habitats. Recent bear and moose attacks in Alaska have occurred in part because people are getting too close to the animals to take photos with their cellphone cameras. Shark attacks commonly make the news, but in reality, a few people per year are killed by sharks, while millions of sharks are killed each year by humans.

It's still fun to watch these animal attacks though. Watch the video above for an action-packed collection of beastly scenes from sixteen classic movies.



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