06/15/2012 09:47 am ET

Essential Miami Heat Gear: 6-Inch Heels, Nerd Glasses And LeBron Legos (PHOTOS)

Now that we've vanquished the Thunder on their home court -- and evened the series to 1-1 -- it's ok to invest in more gear for the NBA Finals.

But what to buy? The trouble at games is sometimes standing out in a sea of fans that all shopped at the same official store you did. So try getting cheeky with a pair of nerd glasses like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, try stuffing Mario Chalmers deep inside the Heat matryoshka dolls, and hold up a Lego LeBron for extra luck -- he can sit on your shoulder during the game!

Of course, this is Miami, so if you don't own a pair of Heat-themed heels you're already so two playoffs ago. The stilleto-obsessed will swoon over Herstar's two styles of pumps for Heat fans, including a pair covered in crystals. Dale!

PHOTOS: Check out our picks for fresh Miami Heat gear:


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