06/14/2012 02:23 pm ET

Scottish Streaker Murray Greig Talks About Flashing Crowd At Australian Rugby Match

Murray Greig is a Scottish legend.

The kilted kook jumped on the pitch at a rugby match on June 5 and flashed the crowd as his country's team pulled an upset against Australia, 9-6.

There's only one guarantee when a kilted Scot storms the field, and Greig proved it that night: there's nothing beneath that wool and plaid but a whole lot of wobbly bits.

It was weird enough that Scotland dominated Australia. Nobody, not even Greig, expected that. But even weirder was that a drunken Greig decided to streak at an away game. When streaking at an opponent's field, it takes a spectacular show to get the fans on your side.

And show Greig did. He showed everything, via handstands, kilt lifting and security dodging. He's been on the front page of virtually every Australian and UK newspaper.

He bared all in an interview with The Huffington Post this week, and had plenty to say about the culture of streaking and going balls to the wall on his big night:

Andy Campbell: So you've traveled all the way to Australia for a big rugby match. How do you know when to be the one to take the field?

Murray Greig: My seats were five rows from the front. The last kick of the game put Scotland in the lead. They haven't beaten Australia in Australia for 30 years so all I could think was this was the perfect moment for me to run on the pitch and claim my moment of fame!

There was barely any security, so it had to be done.

And there was booze involved, right?

I had already had a few drinks by this time so there was nothing better in my mind. And I knew all my boys back home were watching the match on TV ... so I thought I needed to put a show on for them. I ran out onto the pitch as the winning kick went over for Scotland.

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Some reports are saying you got caught when you ran into a billboard. What happened?

I didn't run into a billboard, I had about five or six security guards chasing me, and I was dodging them for a good 30 seconds whilst doing handstands in my kilt. The first guard I sidestepped fell face first into the mud and the entire crowd went crazy!

You've got swagger on the field.

None of them could catch me, but I had to give up as there were about six of them by the end of my streak. I jumped over the billboard with my hands in the air to the crowd, who were going insane! And then got caught. Haha.

I got handcuffed and taken away as the entire stadium was exiting. But I've never had as much respect, as they all gave me pats on the back, kissing me on the head, all chanting "legend" and "let him go!" to the police. That was the best part of the night.

In America, getting caught can mean a big fine and a ban from the stadium. Did you spent the night in jail?

I had left my ID with my friends before I ran on so they had no proof who I was. I was told to call the police the next day, which I did, but no answer. Just as well, as the fine is around $5,500 which I definitely cannot afford.

How does one train for such a ballsy move?

I haven't streaked before at a game but I do tend to get naked a lot on nights out. it's one of my hobbies.

Advice to up and coming streakers: practice streaking a lot on nights out, and when the perfect moment comes for you to make your international appearance you will know. When you do it, make sure it's in front of a big crowd and no matter what, entertain the crowd no matter what it takes.

The Australian papers are calling you "Braveheart" -- is that the ultimate nickname for a Scot or what?

The nickname Braveheart I think is amazing! Any Scottish person would love to be compared to William Wallace. Or Mel Gibson ... Just kidding.

Is the wool kilt itchy?
Nah mate, the wool's not itchy, Scots are used to wool brushing their privates without underwear.

What's next for Scotland's most famous streaker?

Make sure to keep an eye on me, I'm planning on making some sort of career out of it!