06/14/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2012

Student Cheats Entrance Exam By Tying 35-Foot Sheaf Of Papers To Chest

Cheaters never prosper, even if they are relatively inventive about it.

During an entrance exam in Kazakhstan, a high school student was caught with 35-feet of cheat sheet coiled around his chest.

The printed crib sheet included 25,000 possible answers to questions on the exam's topics, which included history, Russian and Kazakh.

Exam officials were alerted to the scam thanks to the student's fidgeting with his clothes.

"If he'd put half as much effort into studying as he did into cheating he would have sailed through the exam with a distinction." education authority spokesman Bolatzhan Uskenbayev told the Austrian Times.

Some bloggers called for praise and admiration for the student's fanatical cheating tactic.

"I also want to know why the heck didn't he just study instead of making the most amazing cheat sheet ever," wrote a Gizmodo blogger. "I also hope a university accepts him."