06/15/2012 01:20 pm ET

'Girls': Adam Driver Talks Lena Dunham, Playing Adam

Hannah's hookup-buddy-turned-boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) on "Girls" is undeniably an odd guy. But as Driver explains it, he probably wouldn't have taken the role if his character wasn't so strange.

"TV’s the devil, whatever, but then I read the thing,” he told Vulture, saying he'd passed on his "Girls" audition at first. “Lena is a very rare writer, very unpretentious. When things become precious or sentimental, that kills it for me.”

For a time, Adam was considered TV's latest villain, and not without merit. From ignoring Hannah's texts for weeks on end to masturbating in front of her, he had almost no redeeming qualities. Until he turned it around, that is, in the latter half of the season and asked Hannah if she wanted him to be her "f---ing boyfriend."

“He’s full of id,” Driver explained. “Very animalistic, a caged animal, like a rhinoceros running full force in one direction until he’s exhausted, and then he tries something else.”

Nothing proved Adam's animalistic quality more than his decision to urinate on Hannah in the shower and then laugh hysterically. As HuffPost's Crystal Bell put it, "How could Adam think that peeing on Hannah was funny?! ... Why would you stay with someone who pees on you and thinks it's funny?"

Disgusting he may be, but Driver has nabbed himself a stalker and inspired a Twitter account dedicated to his chest. Not too shabby!

The Season 1 finale of "Girls" will air Sunday, June 17 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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