06/15/2012 02:50 pm ET

Catherine R. Del Rosario, Kraze Kitch Bakery: More Than Just A Kanye West Sneaker Cake

Divisive international hitmaker Kanye West is currently an of-the-moment fashion designer with incredible demand for his new Air Yeezy 2 sneakers with Nike, which have commanded upwards of $90,000 on eBay. The shoe is so popular, one bakery is even offering them in cake form.

Catherine del Rosario, owner of The Kraze Kitch Bakeshop in Manila, Philippines, has crafted an Air Yeezy 2 cake, based on the new Nikes that West designed. The two colors (Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum and Black/Solar Red) of the highly anticipated sneakers went on sale on June 9 for $245 and quickly sold out.

But forget West, because the real artist behind the detailed cake is Rosario, a Filipino entrepreneur by day and a single mother of four working at home by night. After a try at corporate work in the early 2000s, Rosario decided to try her hand at baking with the help of her four children. "We started with pastries that we could offer to coffeeshops and restaurants around the metro, and from there the business grew," said Rosario. "In late 2010, driven by blogs like Sweet Sugar Belle, I became a self-taught cake decorator and bake-at-home mom."

"I was never gifted with a sense of art when it came to media such as paint or pencil," said Rosario. "But I realized that sugar was more forgiving. It's no different from clay sculpting really, just a bit sweeter." Rosario began sharing her creations on the Kraze Kitch Facebook page, with dessert creations inspired by everything from Legos to Sesame Street. Rosario also makes cupcakes, cookies and pastries in forms ranging from Super Mario Bros. characters to edible iPod Nanos.

Rosario's method for choosing cakes is simple: "Is it a wedding cake? Turn it down. Accept everything else."

The Air Yeezy 2 cake was a favor for the boyfriend of Rosario's friend and showcased some of her unorthodox methods. Printing pictures of the shoe from all angles, she began creating a "paper box" to envision the shoe as a 3D object. From there, it was a matter of creating the cake base, tracing the sole for the cake board and then stacking, freezing, sculpting and frosting. With a little help and inspiration from the ingenuity of her kids, another cake came to fruition.

"Given that I made this cake for self-satisfaction, in the spirit of fun and with limited tools, the positive feedback had validated my capabilities," said Rosario. "When you start getting orders from across the globe on Facebook, it starts to cross your mind to take a stab the Black/Solar Red color of the sneaker."

Check out some photos of the cake and a myriad of Rosario's other creations below.



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