06/15/2012 04:11 pm ET

Bento: The Concept Lunchbox To Cook Your Food And Keep It Warm

Fast food will take on new meaning with a futuristic lunch box that will cook your food and keep it warm on the go. New York City-based Vim & Vigor Design is touting its Bento Steamer Lunch Box, still in the concept stage, as a steamer that not only cooks food, but has health benefits as well.

“Hectic lifestyles often have people turning to processed foods high in fat, sodium, and sugars,” Vim & Vigor told co. Design. "Bento helps people eat healthier by providing an alternative to the convenience of fast food."

Vim & Vigor explains how the lunch box works on its website: "Bento heats up the assembly's base using inductive technology, creating steam from water added to the grains in the bottom container. The steam naturally rises up the assembly, simultaneously cooking the grains as well as the contents of the top two containers. Thus the cooking process is simplified, and the user has a ready-packed meal that will still be warm when lunchtime comes around.”

Vim & Vigor are currently seeking manufacturing partners to help make the product a reality.