06/15/2012 06:23 pm ET

Best Place To Heckle In D.C.: Nationals Park

WASHINGTON -- Maybe you're in a dark club, upset with the jokes of a stand up. Or maybe you work for a man who wears bow-ties by choice and are upset with the President. Either way, it's fun to interrupt people who are trying to do their job!

Where's the ideal place for a heckler? It's obviously not the White House and comedy clubs should also be off limits.

Heckling at sporting events, however, is fine. In fact, it's somewhat encouraged. But the team has to be decent. We're not asking for a championship every ten years, just .500 most seasons. Therefore, heckling the Wizards and Mystics is sad. Don't do that. Heckling the Caps is also pointless because of the whole language barrier for most players. Screaming at D.C. United and the Redskins is too difficult since the playing field is too far away. That just leaves the Nationals.

The Nationals are off to the best start since becoming the not-Expos. Good natured ribbing to a winner is nice, it's a sign of acceptance. Now, there are even Nats fans, which makes heckling the opposing team that much more fun. It's a win-win to head to Nationals Park and debate any player from any team about the merits of the DREAM Act!

This Father's Day, what are you going to say to dad? Probably nothing, because he's your dad and you don't really talk to dad. But dad does have opinions on the opposing team. It may be the only thing he has opinions on. That's fine. Thankfully the most heckle-able (that's probably not a word) team in all of sports is in town this weekend. Rather than heckle the President because your boss wears bow-ties by choice, why not scream at the third baseman who used to date Justin Timberlake's ex-girlfriend?

Happy Father's Day! For the hecklers out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!