06/15/2012 08:33 am ET

'Bones' Season 8: Will Not Be The Final Season Says Creator

If David Boreanaz's tweets about "Bones" ending got you nervous, creator Hart Hanson says not to worry.

Boreanaz, the former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" star, took to Twitter to discuss a "Bones" "farewell tour" and told fans he's a "free agent" after Season 8 of the Fox series. The network and studio had no comment on Boreanaz's tweets, but Hanson told EW he's not planning on Season 8 being the final season.

“We are in no way planning for it to be the last season. I mean anything can happen in a complicated world,” Hanson said, “but we’re very, very confident in having at least a Season 9, and I can see as far as Season 10 before my eyes get misty."

Hanson said he thinks it's just Boreanaz "playing around," but said all of his tweets do usually have a meaning behind them. Could this be a contract negotiations ploy? “All his incendiary tweets have an element of truth to them," he said. "It's never out of nowhere. It’s always connected to something, and his deal is up at the end of Season 8, so it's like, 'Hey, how much do you love me?' It's possible. But again, that's awfully far in advance."

Below are the tweets in question:

Fox gave "Bones" an early Season 8 renewal in March and Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment at Fox, said he was happy to have the "distinctive" series on Fox.

"Over the past seven seasons, Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and the incredible 'Bones' cast and crew have redefined the traditional crime procedural with an irreverent and adventurous sensibility and I'm really happy to have this distinctive, fan-favorite on our schedule for another season,” Reilly said in a statement in March.

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