06/15/2012 01:49 pm ET

Faith and Fatherhood: How Does Spirituality Affect Your Parenting?

It’s common for sons and daughters to express their love and gratitude to their dads on Father’s Day. Yet here at HuffPost Religion, we wanted to put the spotlight on dads themselves.

Starting on Twitter, we asked, “How does your faith influence your life as a dad?” Instantly, we received replies from dads across the U.S. who told us they relied on spirituality for providence, direction and overall child rearing guidance.

Taking the conversation off social media and onto e-mail, we interacted with pastors, reverends and future rabbis. The slideshow below includes powerful stories from stay-at-home dads, single fathers and even one brand new dad. All participants were asked:

What kind of faith-based practices do you do as a family?
What hopes do you have for your children in terms of their religion?
What role has faith has played in navigating life as a parent?
How has your faith has evolved since becoming a father?

What’s your father’s day faith story? Share YOUR answers to the above questions in the comments or reach out to Be sure to include a photo. Thanks to all who participated already!

Father's Day for Religion