06/15/2012 09:32 am ET Updated Jun 15, 2012

Father's Day 2012: Here Are The 10 Brands That Dads Love

What do dads look for in a brand? Well, chocolate not melting in their hands for one.

M&M’s counts among the top three best-perceived brands among fathers, according to a recent survey by research service YouGov. In fact, among the more than 1,100 brands YouGov continually tracks, food brands are particularly favored by dads, from sandwich chain Subway to peanut company Planter’s.

Hey, can you blame them? A recent report may have found moms to be significantly more valuable around the house, but the right Father's Day gift might be a way to help dad catch up -- cookbook, anyone?

Of course, when dads aren't eating at home, they're eating out. And it ends up that Hooters is an increasingly popular choice, seeing the greatest improvement in perception among dads this year, according to YouGov. They aren’t the only ones. So-called “breastaurants” were among the fastest-growing restaurant industry categories in 2011, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Here are the brands that dads love:

BEst-Perceived Brands Among Dads