06/16/2012 10:57 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

'Girls' HBO: Sh*t Shoshanna Says (VIDEO)

We think Shoshanna Shapiro, the fourth and possibly quirkiest lady in the quartet on "Girls," is kind of amazing. Not only did she introduce us to the best game show ever, "Baggage," but her mile-a-minute observations about life and love always make us -- literally -- laugh out loud.

At first Shoshanna seems like the most innocent and timid of the group, but she's actually a lot braver than you might think -- could you show up to a warehouse party alone? Could you use your kickboxing skills on a real man? Could you rip off your sparkly skirt while running down an alley in Bushwick?

Her great track suits and adorable smile mean we'll always be on #TeamShosh. She’s so great, we could puke.

Video produced by Amber Genuske.

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