Krystal Douglas Hid Prawns Up Skirt, Caught Shoplifting At Staten Island Costco

While there's no shortage of creative ways criminals try to steal loot from stores, shoving prawns up your skirt apparently isn't the best strategy.

But Krystal Douglas, 26, and her accomplice, 68-year-old Charles Simboyan, clearly thought otherwise before they were caught shoplifting from a Costco on Monday, State Island Live reports.

According to the report, security guards approached the woman in the parking lot after noticing her awkward walk.

But what first tipped them off was the $5,000 worth of missing polo shirts, which they traced to the duo thanks to security footage, according to Staten Island Live.

Their arrest brought an end to a two week shoplifting spree at the Staten Island store, police told the New York Post.

The two allegedly stole a wide range of items, including chicken, pork chops, DVDs, polo shirts and, yes, prawns, notes Jezebel.

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