06/15/2012 02:01 pm ET

Miami-Dade Jails 'Inhumane': Corrections Officer's Photos Show Roaches, Backed-Up Toilets And Mold (VIDEO)

Through photos of roaches, backed-up urinals, molding walls and unsanitary holding cells, a corrections officer says the living conditions at Dade County Jail in West Miami Dade are "inhumane."

The photos were sent to WSVN and the officer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told reporters that not only are Miami-Dade jails not safe for inmates, but put staff in harm's way.

"It's very dangerous because we have families that we come home to, and anything that's airborne, we'll of course bring it home, and we have kids and families," he told WSVN, who report the county has not responded to a request for comment.(View the images in the video above.)

The allegations come less than a year after the the US Department of Justice completed an investigation into Miami-Dade Corrections jails, finding that inmates were given substandard medical care and that staff used excessive force.

"The systemic failures of the jail facilities have resulted in prisoners living in inhumane and shocking conditions," wrote Thomas E. Perez.

The DOJ report also reported sanitation problems including poor laundering, housekeeping and pest control in the jails, as well as "filthy" isolation cells.

If no changes are made, the government could sue the county under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act, according to Reuters.

WATCH: Miami's federal prison also features some, er, interesting conditions: