06/15/2012 04:11 pm ET

Stat Of The Nation 'Outliers'

Frank Newport finds no evidence, as of Tuesday, that Obama had a bad week.

Politico asks whether Obama is likeable enough to get reelected.

Garance Franke-Ruta examines a study on whether Google can predict the impact of racism on the election.

Michael Tessler talks racial polarization with Chris Hayes (via Kevin Collins).

Scott Clement sees few signs that liberal voters will waver from supporting Obama.

Brendan Nyhan writes that voters don't really care about gaffes.

Jonathan Bernstein explains why the unusual dynamics of this election complicates the meaning of economic fundamentals.

Nate Cohn wonders if Obama will have a turnout problem.

Harry Enten weighs the impact of likely voters screens on Obama-Romney polling.

Sean Trende takes a closer look at the Wisconsin exit poll.

Nate Silver considers statistical noise in the context of a PPP survey of North Carolina; Nate Cohn has more

Willam Frey explains why losing the American Community Survey would be 'disastrous.'

James Bell explains the methodology of the Pew Research global surveys.

Charles Mahtesian flags a poll that stands out for its lack of transparency.

Mark Mellman tackles the Pew Research values study.

Stephen Colbert critiques the Pew Research Center's knowledge of religion quiz