06/16/2012 09:50 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

'Tiny Torero,' Seville Bull-Fighting In Tilt-Shift By Joerg Daiber (VIDEO)

Joerg Daiber's latest tilt-shift takes a look at a hotly-debated practice: bull fighting. Daiber went to Seville for Feria and wanted to check out a bull fight while there.

Daiber told The Huffington Post via email: "It seems inappropriate to turn something very polarizing like a bull fight into something that looks cute. Yet I was intrigued by the idea of watching a bull fight. On the one hand, it is such a traditional Spanish thing with a long history yet seems totally outdated now on the other."

Though Daiber claims he began to understand why bullfighting is an archaic act, he says he also appreciated "the aesthetics, the beauty and elegance of it." He even read a blog on The Huffington Post about bull fighting to wrap his head around it.

"As for the actual event," Daiber told The Huffington Post, "I remember I liked the unique atmosphere when I entered the stadium. The beginning when all Toreros together were entering the arena was very impressive with all the costumes, the music and the colors. However, during the entire first fight, I felt quite uncomfortable with the situation in general. The weird thing is, you really do get used to it after a few fights. Then you start looking more after details. I was surprised at how differently the audience would react on different fights, even if I could not spot significant differences between them after all. By the end of the day I enjoyed the experience, but I am pretty sure, that this was my first and last bull fight ever."

No matter the opinions of the viewer, there is little doubt that the video is quite beautiful.

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