06/15/2012 05:44 pm ET

Useless/Cool: Live In Style With This Transformers Wine Rack

Last week's inaugural Useless/Cool Thing Of The Week featured a lovely decoding business card mask, perfect for the spy in all of us, but mostly perfect for nothing at all. This week we bring you something much, much bigger. And by bigger we mean larger. As in size. As in: this thing is huge.

Every day most Americans troll around Craigslist looking for the largest, most impossible-to-ship items that exist. How lucky we are, then, to stumble across this Transformers-themed wine rack from Arizona resident Clifford Wong, by way of Geekologie.

In Wong's Craigslist ad, he proudly proclaims that his wine rack is perfect "for the discerning individual who appreciates artwork and wine." He also assures that whoever purchases this wine rack will be the talk of the local "wine club" or the "alcoholics anonymous support group."

Look at another picture of it:

The wine rack can be yours for the reasonable price of a cool $7000 or maybe some other bargain you and Wong work out privately.

Here's another picture of the wine rack because why not? There's a Christmas Tree.