06/29/2012 06:19 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

Travelistas Tour Antigua And Chat With Actor Anthony Mackie (VIDEO)

Fresh off her high-flying fun and fascination with Antigua's indigenous fruit, Travelista Teri is ready to see what else the island has to offer.

On the second leg of her trip, she heads to the opposite side of the island, where she's served up more classic Caribbean cuisine and finds out what keeps actor Anthony Mackie coming back.

The cuisine on the island of Antigua is similar to other Caribbean islands, however, Antigua is known for a few special dishes including fungie (made of cornmeal) and saltfish which can be served a variety of ways and is particularly enjoyed during Sunday morning breakfast.

After my luxurious stay at Carlisle Bay, I moved to the opposite side of the island to a boutique bed and breakfast called Villas at Sunset Lane, which is located in the hillside above Dickinson Bay. This delightful and beautiful hotel has 10 enchanting rooms and amazing service. The Antiguan born owner, Jackie, is an amazing chef and she prepared all of my meals with the fruits grown on the hotel property and from local vendors who have some of the freshest vegetables and seafood that you can imagine. Although small in size compared to Carlisle Bay, the Villas at Sunset Lane is a warm and charming hotel and the customer service and meals are definitely five star.

One place not to be missed in Antigua is the longest party on the island which is at Shirley Heights on Sunday afternoons. The view from Shirley Heights is spectacular and on a clear day, you can see the islands of Guadeloupe and Montserrat. At Shirley Heights, I enjoyed the music, the food, the drinks and atmosphere. I also ran into the Actor Anthony Mackie and talked to him about his travels and experiences around the world and as a vacationer in Antigua. He loves it there and had perfected the Antiguan accent. I also caught up with the handsome Soca Monarch of Antigua, Tian Winter, whose charisma and popularity made all of the locals heads turn.