06/16/2012 05:58 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

Bill Maher Compares Dan Quayle To Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

It's not often a liberal political satirist experiences a bout of nostalgia for the good old conservative days.

But after Jeb Bush's controversial remarks earlier this week, which threw the Republican Party into a frenzy, Bill Maher couldn't resist reminiscing about a once moderate GOP with former President Ronald Reagan at the helm.

"Ronald Reagan raised taxes, he was for no nukes...He was very much for collective bargaining...Today, that's Dennis Kucinich," said Maher on his "Real Time" show Friday night.

While Maher remarked on how the GOP has shifted further to the right over the years, he offered his sympathies to Newsweek and Daily Beast editor David Frum, who he called a “frog-marched out to the desert” thanks to his moderate Republican stance.

The discussion moved on to George H. W. Bush and his moderate track record, with Maher being not so forgiving about his running mate choice.

"I remember his father," said Maher. “Dan Quayle was Sarah Palin with t*ts long before [they had her],” he chided. “John McCain did not invent the bimbo running mate. George Bush the first did.”

Watch the whole clip above.