06/17/2012 09:53 am ET

Kyle Fortunato Impaled By Glass Climbing Through Window In Sacramento

A California man accidentally killed himself Friday night as he tried to enter his home through a window.

The body of Kyle Fortunato was found halfway through the kitchen window of his Sacramento apartment, according to CBS 13. Police say the 28-year-old was locked out, and had been attempting to climb through the window when he was impaled by broken glass. Stuck in the window frame, Fortunato bled to death.

Some neighbors found the circumstances suspicious. "It don't seem like no accident to me," said one neighbor. "I mean, I ain't no CSI, but I watch CSI."

The incident, however, was purely an accident, say investigators. A coroner has confirmed that the broken glass of the window caused Fortunato's death, KTXL reports.

A post on Fortunato's Facebook page, apparently from his girlfriend Mariko Laurin, states, "I don't want you to believe the vicious rumors of . . . a 'lover's spat' between us. It was an unfortunate accident that he was taken from us too soon."

"She loved him and he loved her," an anonymous friend told Fox40.

Laurin and Fortunato had an 18-month-old baby girl together.