06/18/2012 05:37 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2012

Amanda Seyfried's Cle de Peau Cream Is The World's Most Expensive Moisturizer

Amanda Seyfried has been shilling Cle de Peau's beauty products since 2010, so we all know how much her dewy glow costs. But now, everyone wishing to achieve her luminous complexion is going to have to save up just a little longer than usual.

The Japanese skin care company will release a moisturizer, "La Creme," that will set you back $13,000 for a crystal-encrusted 50 gram jar -- that's more expensive than gold. Barneys already sells a cheaper version of the cream; but at $775 a pop, we suspect that it's not flying off the shelves.

The premium version is believed to be the most expensive beauty cream in the world, which probably explains why Cle de Peau is only producing 3 jars of the pricey moisturizer to coincide with the product line's 30th anniversary. The brand will be taking orders from their Tokyo headquarters starting August 30, but we're guessing you wont be able to sample this one at Barneys before you commit.

But the real question is: would you buy it?

Check out Amanda Seyfried's evolving look and see if her Cle de Peau beauty products made a difference.

Amanda Seyfried

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