06/18/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Brandi Baumgardner Accused Of Injecting 14-Year-Old Daughter With Heroin 200 Times

A 38-year-old mother from Beaver Springs, Pa. is accused of getting her daughter hooked on drugs and injecting her with heroin around 200 times, according to legal documents obtained by The Huffington Post.

As originally reported by the Daily Item, Brandi Baumgardner's now 16-year-old daughter told Pennsylvania state police that she started smoking marijuana with her mother when she was 12. By the time she was 14, the unidentified girl had moved on to crack and heroin, according to an affidavit.

The daughter said her mom used to take her to hospitals so she could fake an illness to try to get unspecified prescription drugs, the affidavit said.

On about 200 occasions, the girl said her mom had injected her with heroin when she was too "dope sick" to do it herself, according to the document.

When confronted by police, Baumgardner allegedly admitted that she and her daughter have a drug problem and that she gave the teen drugs. But she said she only injected the girl with heroin twice.

The alleged drug abuse took place between 2007 and 2011. The allegations were reported to police after the girl told councilors at a drug treatment program about her mom's alleged crimes.

The girl also told police that she got drugs from 21-year-old Robert Hannick in exchange for sex.

Baumgardner is charged with endangering the Welfare of Children and Corruption of a minor.

Hannick is charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated Indecent assault and corruption of a minor.

It's unclear from the documents if there is any connection between Hannick and Baumgardner or how the girl came to know the 21-year-old.