06/19/2012 08:24 am ET

Carlos Santana Tackles Fan: Indians' Fielder Chases Foul Ball, Dives Into Stands (VIDEO)

Unburdened by his catching equipment while getting a start at first base, Carlos Santana of the Indians decided to channel his inner Superman against the Reds on Thursday as the Tribe took on the Reds at Great American Ballpark in a battle for statewide bragging rights.

With one away during the bottom of the fifth, a high pop-up soared up the first-baseline and hung up in shallow right field. Santana trailed the ball as it made its way toward the stands. As the ball dropped, he took one quick glance before leaping into the seats.

Fortunately for the Reds, the move didn't go uncontested. A fan -- who just about towered over the ballplayer -- stood his ground in an attempt to snag the souvenir for himself. Santana's head-first dive leveled the fan involved, and both men fell to the ground unable to make a play.

Given the relatively low stakes, this was hardly a Bartman moment. Perhaps if the fan had not come up empty-handed, the event may have been something worth bragging about. Nonetheless, the multitasking, cellphone foul catch in Minnesota still ranks as the coolest grab so far.