06/18/2012 05:28 pm ET

Christopher Farias, U.S. Marine Corporal, Surprised By Father During Ceremonial First Pitch At Dodgers Game (VIDEO)

U.S. Marine Corporal Christopher Farias got quite a surprise on Father's Day when he went out to throw the ceremonial first pitch before the Dodgers-White Sox game at Dodgers Stadium.

Not long after admitting that he wished his father could see the pitch, Farias' wish came true.

Farias' father Lawrence, who he hadn't spent a Father's Day with in eight years, put on some catcher's equipment and manned home plate for his unsuspecting son's pitch. The ball was just a little outside.

"That was probably one of the best surprises ever I was not expecting this at all," Farias said.

The ceremonial first pitch before baseball games has been the sight of several memorable reunions over recent years, including when Army Major Mike Harlow surprised his wife at a minor league game and Air Force Sergeant Chris Weichman surprised his wife and twin daughters in similar fashion.