06/18/2012 06:25 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Paul Mullet, White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Birther, Registers As Capitol Hill Lobbyist

Paul Mullet, a neo-Nazi representative for the Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC, filed papers last week to establish himself as a Capitol Hill lobbyist.

On forms filed on Thursday, Mullet said his group stands for “pro-white Christian identity [and] white nationalism” and will lobby on "any activities that adversly afect [sic] the White Race," according to The Hill.

Mullet's past has been extensively documented by anti-hate group organization the Southern Poverty Law Center, which reports that he's served time in jail for a number of crimes and has thrown around some racial epithets on at least one far-right extremist blog.

To top it all off, Mullet is a proud birther who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ.

"I not only believe [President Obama] wasn't born in this country, but I also believe that he's the Antichrist, and with 2012 coming around the corner, that if something doesn't happen soon, that in this world, as we know it, there's going to be a pitched battle," Mullet was reported as telling Ethos Magazine in 2010.

Mullet told The Hill that he isn't a white supremacist, instead claiming that he's a "white nationalist" or "pro-white." Semantics aside, here's how he described his mission to lobby Congress and extend his group's political activity.

“Because we need to have Christianity brought back to American society,” Mullet said. “For one, the white race is being targeted as a hate group. Everywhere we turn, we are being depicted as a bunch of inbreds. ... It is time we take a stand.”

Mullet and the Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations are just the latest white nationalists to descend upon the Washington lobbying circuit. Earlier this year, John Bowles, the National Socialist Movement's presidential nominee in 2008, registered to lobby on behalf of the American Nazi Party.