06/18/2012 08:02 am ET

'My D.C.' With Remy Munasifi, An Arlington Rapper Who Hates Taxes, Loves Falafel And Bakeshop's Banana Pudding

This is the third installment of our ongoing "My D.C." Q&A series, where we ask D.C.-area residents about the local things that make D.C. their home.

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Remy Munasifi, the Arlington Rapper, makes hilarious videos about such things as the woes of D.C.'s public transportation, the deliciousness of falafel and the sadness of Canada's Tax Freedom Day.

You probably know about D.C.'s public transportation problems and how good falafel is. But maybe you don't know what Tax Freedom Day means? Here's how the Frasier Institute, the Canadian free-market think tank Remy made the video for, puts it: Tax Day is "the day Canadians have finally earned enough money to pay all the taxes they owe to all levels of government for the year, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual calculations." Munasifi's rap focuses on a fictional Canadian who can't take a good vacation.

Yes, the Virginia comedian's videos are sometimes about politics and sometimes about other more day-to-day types of things. He's poked fun of the Occupy movement, taken on airport security, rapped about the debt ceiling and paid tribute to incandescent lightbulbs.

Where does Munasifi eat when he's not enjoying falafel? What are his thoughts D.C.'s building height restrictions? The Huffington Post caught up with Munasifi recently to find out more about his thoughts on life in the D.C. area.

The Huffington Post: What do you do for a living?

Remy Munasifi: I'm a comedian.

HuffPost: Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Munasifi: I've lived in Clarendon for a few years now.

HuffPost: How long have you been in the D.C. area?

Munasifi: I was born in the city and grew up in McLean, so almost all my life. I lived in West Virginia for a few years in between.

HuffPost: What's your commute like?

Munasifi: I don't really have a commute, unless it's to a show. That could be as close as a street fair in Clarendon or as far as Dubai. I guess the closest thing I have to a daily commute is driving to McLean on weekdays to have lunch with my mom.

HuffPost: What's your favorite local spot to take out-of-town visitors?

Munasifi: We've gotten in the habit of taking people to the Air Force Memorial and telling them "these were the first three attempts at the Washington Monument."

HuffPost: What's your favorite local neighborhood?

Munasifi: Definitely Clarendon. It's the perfect blend of people and tow trucks.

HuffPost: What's your favorite local restaurant?

Munasifi: I don't have a single favorite restaurant, but if you're not eating the banana pudding at Bakeshop on Fillmore Street you need to have your head examined.

HuffPost: Should D.C. lift its height restrictions on buildings?

Munasifi: I'd rather see them impose depth restrictions on potholes.

HuffPost: What do people in D.C. complain about too much?

Munasifi: What's with D.C.-area neighbors always complaining about how they don't care who you are and how you can't play "If I Was Your Boyfriend" while sobbing loudly every night? Am I right?? So D.C….

HuffPost: What local issue should D.C.-area residents pay more attention to?

Munasifi: I think this era will be defined by how we answer two questions; How can we ensure our children receive a quality education? And why can't I park in that ZipCar space?

HuffPost: What are you working on now?

Munasifi: I'm actually going to start posting regularly-scheduled videos for the first time ever, starting June 20. I am very excited about it. If anyone is interested they can check out the new videos at youtube.com/GoRemy starting later this month.

HuffPost: One more question. Think the Metro's gotten any better since you made your video about it?

Munasifi: I think everyone has hopes it will, but those hopes eventually begin single-tracking.