06/18/2012 03:13 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Scholarships For Detroit Public Schools Graduates, Along With Grants, Total $106 Million

Classes are out for the summer at Detroit Public Schools and many graduates of the district's 24 high schools are college-bound. This year, quite a few of those students are making the transition with an added bit of good news and money in their pockets.

The district announced Monday that the Class of 2012 earned $106 million in grants this year, which exceeds the $77.4 million raised by last year's class.

“This should serve as an inspiration to our young people and all those adults who taught and assisted them along the way, and encouragement to those adults to create opportunities for even more students in the future,” DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts said in a release.

Cass Technical High School graduates scored the most, earning $29.6 million in funds. They were followed Renaissance High School with $16.8 million, Western International with $14.3 million, and Detroit School of Arts with $11.5 million.

This year's graduates raised $11 million in athletic scholarships.

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