06/19/2012 07:40 am ET Updated Jun 19, 2012

World Science Festival Fascinates With Robotic Animals, World's Lightest Material, Quantum Levitation (VIDEO)

If you couldn't make it out to New York City to attend the 2012 World Science Festival earlier this month, fear not! I was there with camera crew in tow. One of my favorite events of the weekend was Innovation Square, a wonderland of cutting-edge science and technology.

I had the chance to visit three awesome exhibits, each unveiling reality-bending scientific innovations. From robots fashioned after living animals to the world's lightest material to quantum levitation, this celebration in the heart of Brooklyn had it all.

So come along for the ride! Watch the video above and click below to read all about the discoveries I made that day. And don't forget to weigh in by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Come on, talk nerdy to me!


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