06/19/2012 06:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

I-5 Beating Video: Violent Road Rage Caught On Camera (GRAPHIC)

A video depicting a brutal beating on the I-5 highway has gone viral, and it could be the police's only clue to help catch the culprits.

The video, uploaded on, shows two men punching, kicking and wrestling another man on the highway (note the downtown LA skyline in the background). The lop-sided fight, two to one, becomes even more hard to watch as it ends with the assailants literally kicking the other man while he's down.

WATCH: (warning: graphic content)

After delivering several hard kicks to the head, the two men rush to their VW Jetta and speed off, but not before the cameraman catches the license plate: 3UGW962.


It might be difficult to call the cameraman a good samaritan. LiveLeak staff noted, "Cannot believe these guys were recording instead of helping." But his quick thinking about getting footage of the fleeing license plate is probably the police's best bet at finding the culprits.

California Highway Patrol spokesperson Mike Harris confirmed to The Huffington Post that the CHP is aware of the video, but right now it's the only piece of evidence they have.

"We don't have any more information other than the video," explained Harris, "and we're following up on all the information the video contains."

Officers investigating the case are unaware of any call log or incident report about the violent scene, said Harris, and they still need to get in touch with the people depicted in the video.

"We definitely need to get in touch with the victim," he continued. "We haven't gotten a hold of anybody yet."

If you have more information about the violent incident depicted in this video, please call the CHP office closest to you.

The video first appeared on YouTube, but it has since been pulled from the site. LA Weekly reports that the violent episode took place on Jun. 12, according to the YouTube description.

UPDATE: The California Highway Patrol went public Wednesday morning with a plea to help them find all four men depicted in the video. Police are also asking for any witnesses to step forward with their story.

Authorities also confirmed that the video was shot on the northbound I-5, south of Seventh Street at around 3:30 p.m. on Jun. 12, reports CBS2/KCAL9.

If you have any information about the road rage incident, call the CHP at (213)744-2331.