06/19/2012 09:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Miracle Whip Ad With Jeffrey Tambor Mimics Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Last year, Miracle Whip launched a controversial contest that centered around the question "How has Miracle Whip affected your relationship?" The prize was $25,000 for a wedding -- or a divorce. It looks like Kraft is stirring the sweetened mayonnaise pot once again with it's new "Keep An Open Mouth" campaign. The ad spots mimic various public service campaign such as animal advocacy and anti-bullying.

The overall premise centers around the notion that you say you hate Miracle Whip, but you can't judge it before you try it. A fair enough ad strategy, but the video clips mimic these public service campaigns so closely, that one can't help but wonder if Miracle Whip is going a step too far. Some feel that it is a bit tasteless to equate something as serious as bullying to a supposedly marginalized sweetened mayonnaise.

On Miracle Whip's Facebook page, several commenters responded to a recent ad negatively. Here's Miracle Whip response:

We did not mean to offend. We simply meant to raise awareness for jars left untried. All comments have been shared with the appropriate people. Thank you for keeping an open mouth. And using it to share feelings.

Here are two of ads below (see the rest here). What do you think about the campaign?