06/19/2012 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Neil Munro, Tucker Carlson Defend Interrupting Obama (VIDEO)

Neil Munro, the Daily Caller reporter who interrupted President Obama last week, appeared on Sean Hannity's Monday Fox News show and maintained his defense that he "mistimed" his question.

Munro raised many eyebrows on Friday when he interrupted the president in the middle of his remarks on changes in immigration policy.

ABC News' Diane Sawyer labeled him as a "heckler" during the network's live, breaking news coverage of Obama's speech. Many political journalists, including Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith at Fox News, criticized Munro for what some called his "outrageous" and inappropriate behavior.

The Daily Caller, headed by Tucker Carlson, staunchly defended Munro. Carlson suggested in an official statement that Munro's actions were similar to those of Sam Donaldson of the Reagan years. Donaldson has rejected such comparisons.

Hannity said that it seemed like Obama was mid-sentence when Munro interrupted him, and wondered if the Daily Caller reporter thought the president was on his final statement.

"The only way to ask [Obama] a question at these events is to get him at the end as he’s leaving just before he dashes back to the Oval Office…Yes, I mistimed it. I thought I was getting him at the end and frankly, I was wrong about that," Munro said.

Hannity replayed a clip of reporters, including Donaldson, asking President Reagan a number of questions during his remarks. "Interestingly, President Reagan wasn't finished with his statement and there were five of them trying to ask questions!" Hannity said. "I think you should’ve waited till he was finished but you recognize that, you said so. But I think the media’s done it a lot themselves, so for them to be critical seems hypocritical to me."

Later on the show, Hannity hosted Carlson, who defended The Daily Caller and Munro during a heated clash with Fox News commentator Bob Beckel. "The idea that they gave the Daily Caller a White House pass is the craziest idea I've ever heard," Beckel told Carlson.

"Why? We're bigger than the Chicago Tribune. We're bigger than the Boston Globe. They can't not give us a pass," Carlson said.

"Sure they can," Beckel shot back. "All you got to do is not give it to you."

Watch Munro defend himself in the clip above, and Carlson defend Munro and the Daily Caller in the clip below.




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