06/19/2012 07:11 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2012

News Reporter Prank: Fake Anchor Gets New Yorkers To Believe Anything (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow potentially being canonized, courtesy of the Vatican. Kim Kardashian running for State Senate in California. Oh, and Great Britain is offering to take on some of the U.S's debt in exchange for the permission to recolonize one state: should it be New Hampshire or South Carolina? Those are a few of the fake headlines that a guy posing as reporter "Mike Holland" -- who is really actor Dan Hodapp with Jest -- got passersby in New York to believe.

While the responses Hodapp received may serve as sad commentary on the levels of gullibility that exist, or the levels of awareness regarding current events, they're also pretty priceless.

Take, for example, the guy who is mortified to learn that he was not in the loop about President Obama firing the entire Senate, or the people who said they'd be up for a reality show based version of the Hunger Games.

Other notable reactions to the "news"? Well, Khloe should be Kim's campaign manager over Kourtney by a landslide, and the majority of respondents thought that the U.S. should not get involved in this whole Germany invading Poland thing.

However, those interviewed were for the most part cool with giving either South Carolina or New Hampshire to the Brits in exchange for their willingness to pick up some of our national debt.

As for the potential for a Saint Tebow, well, that came as no surprise to one woman, who seemed to be a little bitter about how celebrities are idolized by society.

"As if we didn't worship, you know, media and and sports idols enough, we might as well do it a little more and make it official," she said.

As Mediaite argued,, "if someone is being observed by a camera while talking to a man or woman with good hair and a microphone, they will believe every single thing they are told."