06/19/2012 08:28 am ET

Nick Stahl Missing Again: Actor Leaves Rehab, Can't Be Found

Actor Nick Stahl is missing once again following an emotional search that led him to rehab last month, E! Online reports.

The "Terminator 3" actor's wife, Rose Murphy Stahl, revealed to the site on Monday that her husband had "been missing for four days ... But I don't want to comment any further."

He reportedly went to stay at a friend's house after checking out of a rehab facility, against doctors' advice, and hasn't been seen or heard from after being spotted in downtown Los Angeles.

The situation is oddly similar to what happened to him in May, when Stahl was reported missing by his wife. More than a week later, on May 19, he sent an email to friends telling them he was checking into rehab and would be out of touch for the next 30 days. Stahl's wife described the actor's email to People as an "unemotional and unapologetic email."

Now it seems Stahl left rehab a few days ahead of schedule and has disappeared once again, leaving friends and family concerned for his well-being.

For more on Stahl, head over to E! Online.

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