06/19/2012 06:58 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2012

No Kill LA Video With Kevin Nealon: We Can't Stop Fanny Packs But We Can Stop Killing Animals (VIDEO)

Gonorea, lazy ear, infantile baldness.

Too many whales, skateboarding in hospitals, kangaroo impotence.

These are "problems" we cannot solve, Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon says.

The actor from "Happy Madison" films and the TV show "Weeds" hilariously makes fun of every non-problem or stupid problem in the just-released No Kill LA (NKLA) campaign video above. Once he's done exhausting every non-catastrophe--from facial triceps to doctors without underwear to fanny packs--the problem he really does care about seems to make even more sense.

Pet homeless is a problem we can solve, he says. Spay and neuter your pets and adopt from shelters. Let's make LA a no-kill city.

Click through photos below from the NKLA effort:
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