06/19/2012 11:57 am ET

'Perfect Holiday' By Karim Rejeb Is A DIY 'Endless Summer' (VIDEO)

Summer is the perfect season for escapism, and filmmakers great and small seem to understand that implicitly.

In this animated short, which appears to be a music video for a feel-good song by the sunny Spanish band Smile, filmmaker Karim Rejeb takes a group of plastic people surfing.

Along the way, he repurposes abandoned lots, backyards, skate parks and other urban locales to give them -- and by extension, the audience -- a little respite.

"Perfect Holiday" is a summer escape that's like a miniature, do-it-yourself homage to the iconic surfing film "The Endless Summer."

But even if the film just makes for great make-believe, that did not stop Rejeb from focusing on the realism of his avatars' surfing.

Although they only shred plastic tarps and leave wakes of cloth and cotton balls, these little guys seem to have quite a handle on hanging ten. Take a look at Rejeb's portfolio, and you'll quickly see why.

"Great job on the physics of the surfing. Looks about as real as you can get," one YouTube commenter said.