06/19/2012 04:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker Compared To Dog On CW's Eye Opener (VIDEO)

Sarah Jessica Parker fans, prepare to be pissed: a male TV host just compared the actress to a dog.

The offensive dig occurred during a countdown segment on Eye Opener, the CW's morning show. The show's jokey hosts were discussing Gretchen Carlson's walk off the "Fox And Friends" set after Brian Kilmeade's sexist comment, and co-host Oliver Tull decided that the best transition between that and an Obama campaign story would be his own sexist-y dig at Sarah Jessica Parker:

"Is a dog campaigning for Obama? No, not Sarah Jessica Parker..."

Not only did Tull make fun of a woman's looks, but he did so within 30 seconds of laughing at another woman's indignation over sexism. Nice.

Unfortunately, Tull wasn't being particularly original -- TMZ rans its own "Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Dog" story in 2007. Last September, Metro NY also ran an offhand dig at Parker's looks, comparing the size of her nose with the size of Christina Hendricks' breasts.



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