06/19/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

Silicon Roundabout Should Let Tech City Get On With Its Cheerleading

Tech City is a waste of Government money. Tech City is run by "nontrepreneurs". Tech City is jumping on the bandwagon, taking credit for organic growth of startups in Shoreditch. Tech City is little more than a PR company justifying its own existence. Tech Shitty. These are all criticisms levied at the UKTI-funded scheme.

Fighting against these criticisms are a torrent of Tech City press releases, which boast that there are a million new startups in the area, that the area is making both Silicon Valley and the City quake in their diamond boots, and that Digital Shoreditch will be as big as SxSW in four years.

Somewhere in the no-man's-land of this battle of words lies the real story.

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