06/19/2012 06:14 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2012

Why Do People Cheat? Yourtango.com Survey Says 'Emotional Dissatisfaction'

What's the number one reason that people cheat?

While some may be quick to point to a desire for sex, a new survey of counseling professionals suggests that more often than not, it's emotional dissatisfaction that drives men and women to stray. Sexual dissatisfaction is the second most common cause for cheating.

The findings, released by YourTango.com on Monday, were gleaned from a survey of 1,200 psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and other professionals. The experts also weighed in on the correlation between cheating and Facebook, with 50 percent agreeing that technology encourages cheating but only 7 percent indicating that Facebook has significantly increased the number of affairs among couples.

Click here for more on the YourTango survey, then browse through the slideshow below for the telltale signs that your spouse may be cheating, according to the Twitterverse.