06/20/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5,000 Ducks Cause Traffic Jam As Chinese Farmer Herds Feathered Friends To Pond (VIDEO, PHOTO)

More than 5,000 ducks brought traffic in the Chinese coastal city of Taizhou to a standstill Sunday when a duck farmer and his herd traveled to a nearby feeding pond, the Herald Sun reports.

As the ducks waddled into the street, pedestrians and scooters wove around the herd as onlookers watched with amazement.

Armed with only a couple of long sticks, not one duck was lost over the half a mile trip, an annual ritual in China's Zhejiang province, according to the Daily News.

Even more impressive, the farmer says he regularly takes the journey and hasn't lost a single duck in the past six months, according to Metro.

LOOK: 5,000 Ducks Overtaking the Streets of Taizhou:

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