06/20/2012 02:54 pm ET

Amron Rinser Toothbrush Offers Built-In Fountain: Brilliant Or Useless?

The electronic toothbrush already has made dental care more efficient and more hygienic, but the lazy may demand more -- like, say, not having to crane their heads under the faucet to rinse their mouths.

Enter the Amron Rinser
toothbrush with Power Fountain
, a toothbrush with a built-in fountain device, for those looking to remove a foot or so of movement from their morning routines.

The "Power Fountain" system activates when water is poured into a crevice in the toothbrush, and a button pushes it upward to create a water fountain.

The toothbrushes are set to retail for $34.99, but the manufacturer is offeringpre-orders for the brush at the discounted price of $22. It won't be delivered until November.

The toothbrush's creator Scott Amron and his company Amron Experimental offer other strange riffs on daily items. There's the Endo, a "super strong" magnet clip; MoneyClip, a leather band that turns a dollar bill into a magnetic money clip; and OFF, which turns an average light switch into a hanger when in the "off" position.