06/20/2012 12:12 pm ET

'Avengers' Fashion: 9 Outfits Inspired By The Movie And Comics

Although it's been almost 6 weeks since the big release of "The Avengers," the Tumblrverse still can't get enough of Loki, Thor and the rest of their favorite Marvel superheroes. The latest Internet "Avengers" craze? Combining superheroes and style for some awesome and unexpected fashion collages.

Cartoon Closets, run by University of Melbourne student Belinda Tan of B for Bel, features surprisingly chic outfits inspired by Marvel characters like Captain America and Black Widow.

"I find the most sartorial satisfaction and inspiration, in a strange way, through movie and TV characters that I grew up with -- especially the most unlikely ones, like Johnny Bravo, the Flintstones, Tom and Jerry and superheroes," she wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. "I then started creating some fashion collages based on their outfits and documented them on my blog. When the recent 'Avengers' movie was released, I was really excited over all the superheroes that were in the movie and decided to create a series of fashion collages that were inspired by them."

As more readers began to respond to the "Avengers" collages, she decided to create an entire blog devoted to them.

"My favorite character has to be Iron Man, because he's hilarious and intelligent," she said. "But my favorite outfit in this series is Thor's!"

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Avengers-Inspired Fashion!